Growth Assets Portfolio

This is our current opportunity “portfolio” looking at digital assets, virtual real estate & blockchain projects that we view as being asymmetric bets on the future – meaning that even a small level of participation today could secure massive audience growth & marketing impact down the road; akin to “buying a subcategory of Netflix”.

These are highly speculative opportunities, and as always, this is just our opinion and does not constitute financial advice.

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Growth Assets: Select Portfolio

Our current top-picks. Click the Opportunity Brief for a full deep-dive into each growth asset.

PlatformOpportunity BriefAsset ClassBusiness ModelEst. TrafficGrowthProject StatusCapital RequirementsSpeculation LevelConviction LevelSentiment Level
The SandboxRead the BriefVRE (ETH)Minigames, Rent, Advertising1,020K / mo+55% /moAlpha$1K+7/108/109/10
OverLandRead the BriefVRE (ETH)Minigames, Rent, Advertising325K / mo+15% /moAlpha$0.2K+9/106/107/10
BitskiRead the BriefNFT (ETH)Create NFTs that strategically interoperate w other brands / platforms550K / mo+25% /moPublic$1K+7/108/109/10
SuperworldRead the BriefVRE (ETH)Minigames, Rent, Advertising75K / mo+20% /moAlpha$0.5K+10//105/106/10
Bit CountryRead the BriefVRE (ETH)Create your own metaverse worldInsuff DataInsuff DataDevelopmentTBA9/106/10N/A

Growth Assets: Watchlist

Projects & assets we find compelling and worth monitoring – but are either too early stage or otherwise untenable as marketing assets.

PlatformAsset ClassBusiness ModelSummaryProject Status
Axie InfinityP2E (ETH)Play to Earn Pokemon-style game with NFT assetsThe largest current play-to-earn blockchain game, topping almost $1B revenue in Aug, 2021. Look to see if it keeps growing, and where players go next.Public
Somnium SpaceVRE (ETH)Virtual world with land ownership (NFTs), focused on VRSimilar to Sandbox, but with VR as a focus / requirement. Less adoption, but a quality project. See if they pivot / expand.Beta
MirandusVRE/NFT (ETH)MMORPG with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Developed by GALA Games, whose cofounder created Farmville (Zynga). Player-focused approach to game building for sustainable growth. Definitely watch this one.Development
Star AtlasVRE/NFT (SOL)MMORPG Space Sim with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Ambitious "Mass Effect on the Blockchain" project. Given the challenges Star Citizen has faced, this seems like a long shot, but still worth monitoring.Development
The NemesisVRE/NFT (ETH)Virtual world with land ownership (NFTs)Similar to Decentraland, but at a much lower entry investment. Not as much user adoption - worth watching.Beta
Arcona ARVRE/GEO (ETH)Augmented overlay with geo-spatial land rights (NFTs)Similar to OVR & Superworld, but older and a bit clunkier. It's still active, but doesn't seem to be getting traction. Worth periodically checking.Beta
Republic Realm (Portfolio)N/APrivate equity focusing on virtual real estateWell worth watching their social channels to see where they're flowing funds / attention. Great filter for finding new metaverse projects.N/A
Yield Guild (Portfolio)N/ADistributed player base & HoldCo organized as a DAOSimilar to Republic Realm, YGG is a goldmine of information for tracking viable P2E worlds and finding new growth assets.N/A
StarLinkVRE/NFT (ETH)MMORPG with in-game asset ownership (NFTs)Interesting concept, albeit a little confusing and obscure. Worth watching to see what actually materializes.Development
RFOX ValtNFT (ETH)Virtual world with a digital commerce focusLooks well considered, but the big question: Is there a PMF for retail-focused VR experiences? Well worth watching as a research project.Development
League of KingdomsVRE/NFT (ETH)MMORPG with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Play to earn strategy game with established player base. Keep an eye on user growth & longevity.Public
InfluenceVRE/NFT (ETH)MMORPG Space Sim with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Very compelling play-to-earn concept in what looks like an achievable game roadmap. Well worth watching to see how the Alpha / Beta turns out.Development
IlluviumVRE/NFT (ETH)Play to Earn Pokemon-style game with NFT assetsThis looks extremely promising and could be the next Axie Infinity, depending on execution. We're watching it closely.Development
Victoria VRVRE/NFT (ETH)Virtual world with land ownership (NFTs), exclusively VRPromising concept, although as with any VR-only project, mainstream adoption is questionable.Development
Get ZionSOCIAL (BTC)Web3 Social Network built on Bitcoin (pay-to-engage)Worth watching to see how this takes shape. We anticipate the real use-case for these types of communities is as an alternative to Patreon / OnlyFans, but where engagement is actually rewarded monetarily.Beta
Wilder WorldVRE/NFT (ETH)Virtual world & metaverse project with various asset NFTsVery promising virtual world project with strong user sentiment. Still in dev, so we're closely monitoring how the Alpha takes shape.Development
NetVRkVRE/NFT (ETH)Virtual world with land ownership (NFTs), exclusively VRSimilar to Victoria VR, this project has strong backing - but again, the concern is whether any VR-exclusive world can see scaled adoption.Development
VulcanVerseVRE/NFT (ETH)MMORPG with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Very promising and still quite undiscovered RPG - sort of like Skyrim with NFTs. Well worth watching to see if there will be branding / interoperable mechanisms with Land & Asset NFTsBeta

Growth Assets: Competitive Landscape

Leading projects that form the overall business landscape. While we don’t view these as compelling opportunities currently, it’s worth understanding what other key players in the broader digital metaverse are doing.

PlatformAsset ClassBusiness ModelSummaryProject Status
DecentralandVRE (ETH)Virtual world with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)DCL is the original and most established blockchain-based metaverse project.

However, the governance community seems quite muted and passive - and most of the land is undeveloped.

It may turn around, but currently it seems like a sentimental icon destined to be succeeded by upcoming metaverse projects with more focus.
CryptovoxelsVRE (ETH)Virtual world with in-game land & asset ownership (NFTs)Similar to DCL, CryptoVoxels seems like a "metaverse 1.0" project that, while important symbolically, will be succeeded by more ambitious projects.Public
Earth2VRE (FIAT)Virtual world with in-game land ownership (currently centralized but apparent plans to port to blockchain)Earth2 is an interesting concept, but there are some concerns about the integrity of the dev team. And the main issue is that land purchases are currently not stored anywhere on-chain. There are better earth-overlay projects to look at.Alpha
UplandVRE (EOS)Map-based world with in-game land ownership (NFTs)Upland is a legit VRE project, but just seems antiquated and limited compared to projects like OVR & The Sandbox.

Also, EOS as an asset marketplace doesn't have the same buyer-base as ETH.
RobloxGAME (FIAT)Virtual world where players can create mini-games & experiences for other users. Centralized / not truly ownable.Likely the pinnacle of centralized voxel-creation gaming. This is the benchmark for what blockchain gaming can (hopefully) become.Public
MinecraftGAME (FIAT)Virtual world where players can create mini-games & experiences for other users. Centralized / not truly ownable.The OG of "build your own game" dynamics, with a country-sized userbase to underscore its effectiveness. Like Roblox, this is a benchmark for blockchain projects to try and attain.Public
FortniteGAME (FIAT)Virtual world where players can customize their character and create experiences for other users. Centralized / not ownable.Fortnite's publisher (Epic) went from obscurity to tycoon-status with this one title. Fortnite has proven to be fantastically engaging with younger demographics, and has nearly $4B /yr in digital skin sales to show for it. Note that Epic is rumored to be working on a metaverse world... definitely worth watching!Public
FB MetaverseTBDTBAFacebook consistently drops hints about its focus on metaverse experiences, but appears to be quite secretive on details. We'll have to wait and see - but it's telling that the world's largest social network conglomerate views the Metaverse as an inevitable trend.Development

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