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This is our current opportunity “portfolio”, highlighting the most compelling, asymmetric ideas for internet entrepreneurs that we’ve encountered. Our primary selection criteria is as follows:

Does this opportunity capture the early stages of a massive super-trend or industry tailwind?

If the answer is yes, then we look at whether they’re also actionable for basically anyone (eg. not just well-funded startups).

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Market Opportunities: Select Portfolio

Our current top-picks. Click the Opportunity Brief for a full deep-dive into each opportunity.

OpportunityOpp BriefBusiness ModelTiming WindowCapital ReqsDifficulty (X/10)Competition (X/10)Speculation Level (X/10)
Ghost FranchisesRead the BriefHyperlocal reselling24-48 months$3K - $10K+7/104/104/10
MLS for the MetaverseRead the BriefCurated marketplace, affiliate, brokerage6-12 months$3K - $10K+5/102/106/10
Bolt-On Email PerformanceRead the BriefPerformance agency / consulting36-48 months$1K - $5K+5/104/102/10
Play to Earn GuidesRead the BriefAd / affiliate supported content, premium digital products6-12 months$1K - $5K+3/102/106/10

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