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Join an elite group of founders & consultants who thrive on growing the smart way…

Meet Your New, Unfair Advantage

Ever wonder why formerly successful people who fall on hard times seem to bounce back so quickly?

It’s not because they have some sort of ‘secret knowledge’. It’s because while they might have lost their shirt – they didn’t lose their network. And with their direct access to new opportunities & influential people – they’re hardly starting from zero. 

Their inner circle gives them an unfair advantage.

In my own experience, my network has been a lifeline. More than once. 

And these days, when it comes to making big things happen – like getting introduced to a huge new client, or connected with major players in my market – that’s usually just one text message away…

But obviously, you have to know the right people. And this starts by being part of the right community.

This is exactly why we created TLM Insiders…

Inside the Ultimate Mastermind for Lazy Achievers

True to form, we’ve designed our mastermind around the 80/20 principle to provide maximum impact – but without adding a bunch of obligations to your calendar.

(Only amateurs think a stacked calendar = productivity). 

Here’s what’s available to members:

Monthly Mastermind
Each month we host a no-holds mastermind session on top-voted topics, along with open discussion and Q&A. 

Network Accelerator
When you’re ready, we’ll connect you with key, influential members where the potential impact is mutual.

Business Teardowns
We invite members to submit their own business (or a competitor) for a “dogpile” of constructive advice & key insights.

Market Opportunity Quick-Takes
We encounter a lot more market opportunities than we can possibly feature on The Lazy Marketer – so we post notable “short-takes” in the private group.

Expert Deep Dives
Get access to private brainstorming sessions with accomplished entrepreneurs (exclusive to members).

Curated Community
Join a private FB group of accomplished, balanced entrepreneurs who meet stringent criteria – and who thrive on doing things the smart way.

This Isn't For Everyone

By definition, inner circles are selective.

And for this mastermind to truly provide an unfair advantage to its members, carefully building the community is a big part of the equation. 

With that in mind, here’s our criteria – and the key qualities we’re looking for:

  • You’ve built a real business. As a founder, you’ve built a business with at least $500K in revenue – or an appraised valuation of $1M+. As a consultant, you’re billing at least $200K in revenue.

  • You highly value 80/20 thinking. Experience has shown you that the smart path and the hard path don’t always overlap. While you’re not looking for the path of least resistance, you constantly challenge assumptions to ensure that your efforts are driving the highest ROI possible.

  • You’ve gotten over yourself. You have the wisdom and self-awareness to realize that your true worth isn’t correlated to your current financial or professional status. You’ve also experienced enough wins and losses to understand that your role in any given outcome is only one part of a larger story.

  • You’re building a life. Not just a business. Your underlying motivation for doing all this stuff is to support your core values (time, family, enjoyment, etc) and to make the world a better place in some way. Not to work yourself to the brink of exhaustion, or to ruthlessly pursue success at the expense of your own values.
In other words – go ‘hustle & grind’ somewhere else…

Application & Membership

The application process, while effective, is very simple.

Just fill out the form below and tell us about your business & yourself. If it looks like you’re a good fit, we’ll send over a few qualifying questions (or perhaps line up a quick intro call if necessary).

If it’s obvious you’d be a great fit for the community, then we’ll send you onboarding instructions, which includes a private link to create an annual subscription.

The Mastermind is currently $495 /yr, which is introductory pricing. That’s a whopping $41 /mo, for perspective. 

Does this sound like your kinda place? 

That’s great – we’d love to hear from you. The first step is reaching out, below…


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