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Let us do the hard part…

We will research, build & launch your next business from scratch – and then show you exactly how to grow it.

This is Still the Simplest Possible Way

To Build a Real Online Business, Generate Real Income & Create Real Wealth…

Building a successful niche site isn’t rocket science – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

Ask anyone who’s “made it” online, and they’ll usually tell you about how it took years of trial & error until they finally stumbled into something that actually worked.

But ask enough people, and a clear pattern emerges. It just boils down to the same 3 things:

  1. They discovered a profitable market
  2. They’ve found a predictable traffic strategy
  3. They’re selling what people actually buy

And that’s it. Simple, right?

Yes and no. Because the next natural questions are…

    • How do I know if a market is profitable?
    • How can I actually compete in a profitable market as a newcomer?
    • How do I know what’s actually selling – let alone why it’s selling?
    • And overall: Where do I start?

This is where most people get stuck. The uncertainty can be paralyzing, especially if it’s your first site. 

But… what if you didn’t have to struggle through all of this on your own? 

And what if you could team up directly with some of the most experienced marketers on the planet to plan, build and launch your site?

Meet your new dream team:

Normally I’d save the introductions for the end, but in this case, before we get into the details, I think it makes to set the stage properly.

Here’s who you’ll be working with directly

Chris Rempel

The Lazy Marketer

Andrew Hansen

Digital Worth

Chris has been a full time internet entrepreneur since 2003 (which is like 80 years in internet time), and much of that experience has centered around SEO & affiliate marketing.

Over the years, Chris has built and ranked hundreds of sites, sold a few of the big ones, founded software companies, consulted with several 8 & 9+ figure enterprises… among many other things.

Chris was also the CMO of PosiRank from 2013 until 2017, growing it from zero to $5M/yr, and watching it fulfill its 10,000th SEO campaign!

And like anyone (who’s actually honest), he’s also had a number of setbacks along the way; which means spotting potential pitfalls & otherwise having a long-term perspective now comes naturally.

With this project, Chris focuses on setting the recommended business models, target niches, and site kickoff strategies.

Andrew Hansen

Digital Worth

Andrew has been building niche sites consistently since 2005, and sharing his strategies since 2007.

In that time he has built niche sites, grown them and sold them. His student’s success often outstripped his own: one in particular grew a niche site to more than $500k per month!

This weird and wonderful business has allowed Andrew and his wife to first travel the world, then to raise a family together, working from home.

Failures? There aren’t enough lines. His first niche site business was wiped out by a Google update. A later one hit, but recovered. He feels certain that he has missed more opportunities and trends than he ever caught.

With this project, Andrew steers the competitive & market research, and oversees the production process to ensure these sites are built to the same standard as his own active portfolio.

So, if you’re ready to build your own online empire – the smart way – then why not:

Let Us Do The Hard Part...

We will:

  • Handpick a profitable, growing niche for you that is still largely untapped
  • Research your market, finding all the most promising keywords, content gaps & monetization options
  • Show you exactly which products & services to promote (and how to promote them)
  • Reverse engineer successful competitors, fully unmasking their winning strategy, and create a “paint-by-numbers” rollout plan for you to follow, leaving nothing to the imagination
  • Register a relevant, brandable domain on your behalf
  • Create a great-looking, turnkey website with 10 well-researched articles + 20 article briefs, all based on our research & strategy
  • Kickstart your SEO traffic with 3, tier-one authority links (once your site is ready)
  • Coach you directly with a dedicated Strategy Session (1:1 with Chris Rempel)
  • Introduce you to our “dream team”; get exclusive access & pricing to the best vendors in the SEO / content space to further support your business as it grows
  • Provide guidance on an ongoing basis with our Niche Site Founder Mastermind Sessions (every 90 days)

And in general, we will hand you a living, breathing business that’s been expertly engineered to maximize its chances of success…

These guys are the real deal when it comes to online marketing and niche sites, which is why I jumped in when they opened up this service...

Chris and Andrew help with every step of the process, especially with the niche selection. It's critical to get this right, and it's worth its weight in gold to get their perspective and recommendation on this front.

Communication was always timely and proactive, and the site they have created is looking very professional. They also give a clear path to follow once the site is delivered, which means no guess work needed on our part.

I'm thoroughly impressed, and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to start a niche site that works in the long term.

Now, let’s dig into the specifics of what you’ll get, and what to expect throughout the process…

Your Strategic Niche Site Includes...

Perfect Niche Chosen

We suggest 3-5 perfect-storm situations for you to choose your ideal niche. (Can also work with your existing idea - see FAQs below)

Expert Market Research

We research your market as if it was our own, finding all the most promising keywords, content gaps & monetization options

Brandable Domain Name

Short, catchy & relevant. This matters a lot in the long run, and can positively impact the value of your website once it’s established.

Successful Competitors Unmasked

We reverse engineer your successful competitors, fully unmasking their winning strategy; the keywords they target, their best-performing content, where/how they get links - everything.

Professional Website Build

We do all the site setup for you, with our favorite WordPress theme & plugin stack for Core Web Vitals.

10 Authoritative Articles Published

Your site begins its journey with 10 highly-researched & expertly edited articles designed to rank & convert.

Custom Logo & Icon

Tied to your brand, designed by professionals.

5 More Articles Drafted

Simply edit for originality & hit publish.

"Muse Site" to Follow

We identify one fairly new site seeing big results in your niche - spelling out exactly what they’re doing. Model it & succeed.

20 Article Briefs Ready to Go

With headings & instructions, ready to send to your writer (or an AI tool).

Paint-by-Numbers Content Strategy

Your first 6 months of content mapped out in detail.

Optimization Guidelines from SurferSEO

Your content comes dialed perfectly to send Google what it needs to see for keyword relevance.

Initial Monetization Done For You

We’ve found the first products & services you can promote - and the specific affiliate programs that will pay you.

Detailed Growth Plan

We provide detailed instructions on how to grow your site rapidly, right from day 1 setup to advanced growth strategies.

1:1 Strategy Session

Whenever you’re ready, book a comprehensive strategy deep dive with Chris Rempel to dive into your business plan, talk shop & otherwise leave no stone unturned.

Niche Site Masterminds

Multiple times a year, we run live mastermind events for all SNS customers where we do site teardowns, AMA’s, new strategy reveals - and a lot more!

Link Building Plan

We show you exactly how we build ultra-powerful links the smart way (and for pennies on the dollar). Includes in-depth video tutorials.

Ongoing Support

You get full access to Chris & Andrew to review and assist you directly for 6 months following your site’s completion. We basically become on-demand advisors during the most crucial stage of your site’s journey.

Also, once your site is completed, we kickstart your initial growth…


SEO Growth & Kickoff

3 Authority Backlinks

From Pages That Already Rank For Your Keywords

Direct VIP Access

To Our Premium SEO Partner

Ever since Google stopped sharing PageRank data (back in 2013), the reality is that the SEO industry is basically just guessing how much “rank juice” any given backlink actually has.

Several SEO companies have invented various metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR) and so on, but the reality is – we simply don’t know how accurate these are.

But the one thing we do know is that Google ranks content it deems valuable & relevant enough in the organic SERPs.

So – what if websites that actually rank for your target keywords already, link to your site directly from the pages that are currently ranking well in Google’s SERPs?

We think that blows every other metric out of the water, and that those are the most valuable backlinks you could possibly build for your site.

That’s why we go out and build 3 insanely valuable links like this for your niche site (once it’s completed), from pages that already rank well for your most desirable keywords.

This gives your niche site a massive, unfair advantage out of the gate. It typically takes 2-3 weeks following site completion for us to place these links and send you a report.

Note: The retail value of this service is approximately ~$550 per link.

Direct VIP Access

To Our Premium SEO Partner

Our best & most capable SEO provider is actually the “secret engine” behind many of the well-known SEO Agencies in the world today.

They typically don’t take on small / solo clients, but since we know these guys really well, they’ve agreed to carve out a special division just for SNS customers like you.

So, when your site is ready, we’ll introduce you directly with the Founder, as well as the Business Manager – and you’ll have the option (but not the obligation) to work with them on a VIP basis.

You’ll get access to the very best content, the most powerful links (including links from ranked pages), and an entire team of seasoned experts…

And you’ll get all of this at full-volume pricing, no matter your budget.

This is normally reserved for huge agencies spending 5-6 figures/mo.

To give you an idea of how capable this team is: They’ve run over 29,000 SEO campaigns to date, and boast an incredible 35,000+ page-1 rankings across their reseller network of agencies, consultants, etc.

This is the real deal, and then some. And you’ll have unprecedented access to them.

I've FINALLY been able to get started with a business project with full confidence...

Not knowing whether I get into the right niche with the right plan has stopped me more than anything else in the past. But this time, having a superstar team behind me, my business, my website and plan moving forward... has been a game changer.

The initial niche selection was done in collaboration with me. They made sure to understand my experience and preferences before they got together to help figure out which potential markets could be a great fit for me. Which made all the difference. I ended up in a market I never thought about going to, but that actually ended up a great fit for me.

When I received my site my first thought was "finally I'm in the big leagues!". The articles were thorough and very well structured and professional looking, like the top sites out there that you wish you owned.

The research was great and gave me many ideas for what to do with the site, even in the long run. They made sure to give me a plan that wasn't overwhelming that I could follow starting today. Chris and Andrew are both super successful yet super cool down to earth and accessible.

Highly recommended!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room…

How Small Sites Can Still Win Big

in the Age of Mass AI Content...

Many people reading this will have seen the fallout of Google’s recent algorithm changes beginning in September 2023… which is Google’s knee-jerk reaction to the explosion of AI content now flooding the internet ecosystem.

Regardless, it’s no secret that this has been challenging for many niche site owners – especially if they depend on high traffic volumes for monetization (eg. relying on display ads, or low-commission products).

Now, over the decades, we’ve seen Google take drastic measures like this many times. Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” algo updates were widely catastrophic for niche site publishers back in the 2010’s, for example. 

And it wasn’t just one-and-done. Google rolled updates & revisions to those algorithms for several years afterwards, trying to rebalance the SERPs.

Bottom line? I’ve watched SEO supposedly “die” many, many times. 

The reality is that it’s seasonal. There are “easy” seasons, “medium” seasons and “hard” seasons. We’re probably in a bit of a tougher season at the moment. But this doesn’t last forever.

And the secret to winning in any season is to stay consistent and focus on the fundamentals: Creating helpful, relevant content, and getting links from other relevant, helpful websites almost always pays off in spades down the road.

Now, that said, there are some ways to stack the cards in your favor – greatly increasing the odds of your site catching traction quickly, and driving revenue sooner than later…

Specifically, here’s our current strategy for maximizing results with Strategic Niche Sites, even in a challenging SEO landscape:

  • We specifically target niches that are off the beaten path; this is why many of our suggestions include B2B markets, direct lead-gen opportunities, etc. (Many of these markets have seen literally zero impact from the recent HCU algo update.)

  • We find monetization opportunities that can drive real revenue – even with just a ‘trickle’ of targeted traffic. Nothing against display ads or consumer packaged goods, but we’d far rather be in a market where your site can generate a meaningful income from just ~ 100 visitors /day vs. 10,000+…

  • We stick to the fundamentals that will always work, and avoid fads. Yes, sometimes a new shiny tactic can work really well. But it’s often short-lived, and then you have to restart from zero. Instead, we ensure that our sites can handily weather Google’s ever-changing seasons & cycles over the long run.

    And, last…

  • We create real assets with marketable resale value. When they start out, most niche site owners are usually just focused on traffic & revenue – which makes sense. But in many cases the real money is made when you hand over the keys to someone else.

    For this reason, we ensure that any niche site we produce is something an owner can be proud of, and that isn’t just an “SEO vehicle”; in other words, we create a site that anyone would be happy to put beside their name on a business card.

    This might just seem like a nice detail, but down the road it really makes a huge difference in terms of brand perception and potential asset value.

Speaking of real assets…

This Isn't Just a Service. You're Getting an Asset.

There are very few things on the internet that you actually get to own, and a niche site is one of them.

In fact, the moment your site is set up with its initial content and live on your domain, it’s technically a saleable asset, and can be sold as a turn-key website on marketplaces like Flippa. 

Now obviously, the idea isn’t to sell your site until it’s got a solid history of traffic & earnings, but the point still stands – this is an asset, right from day one.

So how much is it actually worth, then?

There’s a number of factors that will determine how much a website is worth, including…

  • How much it’s earning
  • How much traffic it’s getting
  • Traffic & revenue trends
  • Traffic diversity & stability
  • The market & business model
  • Content depth, breadth & quality
  • Backlink profile
  • Brand value

….and so on. 

BUT – in general, and on average, most niche sites tend to fetch a purchase price of between 25 – 50X its monthly earnings, give or take.

And all the things I mentioned above are the “levers” that determine whether it’s closer to 25X or 50X (or beyond). For the sake of simplicity, let’s visualize what this actually looks like at a few key milestones…

Avg Monthly Earnings $500 /mo $1,500 /mo $2,500 /mo $5,000 /mo $10,000 /mo

Low End Valuation (25X)


High End Valuation (50X)


Median Valuation






Again, these aren’t written in stone, nor are they guarantees. Some sites can be worth significantly more (or less) than the figures shown here. 

Instead, these are an approximate guide of what we see on public marketplaces like Flippa. But the point remains: 

Once these sites are earning, they aren’t just an income stream, they’re truly an asset… sort of like a digital revenue property.

On that note, one of our recent customers had a really interesting perspective on his niche sites…

He was comparing what it takes to generate an extra $1,500/mo via building a niche site vs. adding a rental suite to his house. Check it out…

Generating an Extra $1,500 /mo

Real Estate vs. Strategic Niche Sites (Hypothetical)

Real Estate Strategic Niche Site

Cost: ~ $350,000

Cost: ~ $4,500*

Cost to Build 2-bdrm Garden Suite @ $350/sq ft

Market research, comp intelligence, website buildout, initial content loadout, SEO kickoff, design & setup, etc.

Est. time to $1500/mo: 9-12 months

Est. time to $1500/mo: 12-18 months

Can’t find tenants until it’s built! And at least in my experience, it takes at least 9 months to go from drawings to doorknobs with any kind of housing extension.

You’ll likely see some initial traction & revenue after the first 6 months following launch, but in our experience it takes about a year for these sites to consistently earn 4 figures /mo

Income Growth Potential: Negligible

Income Growth Potential: Substantial

You can only raise rent by so much until you’re uncompetitive. Usually rents track inflation, which is currently ~3.5% /yr

Consider: Every $1M+ website was once just earning $1,500/mo... Now obviously, that’s a rare outcome, but the point is, niche sites are only limited by the size of market demand + the amount of content & promotion the site receives.

Return on Capital: Negligible

Return on Capital: Potentially 12.5X!

In most markets, adding a $350K garden suite to your property will only increase its value by the build cost. And in some cases, it might not even fully translate.

Based on what we see $1500/mo websites selling for on Flippa, etc. (~$56K), your potential ROI on the initial build/launch cost of $4,500 is 12.5X. Good luck doing that with real estate!

*This doesn’t include other associated costs like: hosting, domain renewals, content & digital PR outsourcing, and so on. In general the only required costs are nominal, as site owners aren’t required to outsource anything and can opt to write their own content, build their own backlinks, etc.

Now, obviously, there’s some advantages to real estate as well. And I admit it’s a bit of a cheeky comparison – they’re two very different things, and ideally you can own both.

But regardless, I thought it useful to showcase just how lucrative the niche site business can be, for a relatively very small startup cost.

On that note, let’s talk about the investment involved for this service…

Getting Started: What’s Involved & What to Expect

First, let’s address the most obvious question – what does this cost?

For us to:

  • Research your market, hand-pick the perfect niche, and create a paint-by-numbers strategy for you to follow
  • Build your site, create the initial content base (optimized both for SEO and for profitability), and prepare 20 additional article drafts in the same style, and
  • Kickstart your SEO with 3 ultra-powerful authority links (direct from pages that already rank for your target keywords)
  • Coach you directly with a dedicated 1:1 strategy session, as well as ongoing customer masterminds
  • And a lot more…

You’ll need to make a one-time investment of $4,500

I realize that’s not going to be affordable for everyone.

And yes, you can undoubtedly find someone on UpWork or wherever that can technically build you a “cheaper” website.

But “a website” is not what makes this a valuable asset. (If it was that easy…)

What makes this valuable is having actual experts involved in creating your strategy, building an actual online business that’s specifically designed to attract buyer traffic, and a vetted plan that you can follow step-by-step for the long-term.

And to be clear, you couldn’t otherwise “hire” myself or Andrew directly to help you with your niche site or related projects. We each have our own established business already. 

(And speaking for myself, when I occasionally do consulting work, it’s with mid-market enterprises that are happy to pay ~$50K just for a strategy assessment.)

Anyway, regardless, at this point you either see this as a total no-brainer, or not. All good.

We’re excited to work with people who understand why this is an insane value – especially considering the potential value of their site down the road.

Now let’s cover some key questions, and talk about what to expect as the process unfolds…

Key Questions

You absolutely can – we’re happy to customize the process and work with you to choose the perfect niche.

However, we’ll also be the first to warn you if a market seems too competitive or unviable. (Sometimes “untapped” niches are quiet for a reason…)

Our usual turnaround time for website completion and handoff is about 6 weeks from intake to delivery, however that is a target and not a guarantee. Once the website is completed, placing backlinks generally takes between 2-4 weeks as well.

We will find you a fresh, brandable .com domain. Our own experience has been that the SEO benefit from aged domains is sporadic at best, and in many cases also carries a lot of risk (if there are bad links, a previously high spam score, etc)

We think the benefits of having a memorable, brandable .com domain far outweigh any initial “rankings boost” you might experience with an aged domain.

There are so many options and variables here, but for starters, the unavoidable costs are going to be hosting ($15 – $25 /mo) and annual domain renewal (~$15 /yr).

Beyond the vitals, it really comes down to your own appetite & bandwidth for writing content, promotion (link building), etc. There’s many ways to do this without spending a dime – and we walk you through all of that in depth.

However, for those who prefer to outsource content creation & promotion, we provide a range of options for that as well.

As for how much content and how many links your site will “need”, it truly all depends on your market, your content strategy and your own objectives.

What many people will do when they start out is mostly rely on elbow grease in the beginning, and then when the site starts earning, they’ll reinvest some of the proceeds back into growing the site’s content & backlinks.

In the beginning, it’s smart to reinvest a good chunk back into growth. Over time, the ratio of reinvestment can be scaled back.

No easy answer here, but our general recommendation on a relative scale is to split your resources (time and or money) on a 70/30 basis; 70% towards content, and 30% towards links.

Again, this may vary depending on what works best for you / your market. But if you need to have a rules-based approach, 70/30 is a good place to start.

Google is generally pretty quick to index some of your site’s pages, even on a new domain. But it can take several weeks until Google “sees” all of your content, even after submitting your sitemap into Search Console.

In general, you’ll see your indexing times start becoming nearly instant (same-day) once your site grows more established from having a variety of quality backlinks.

For the first ~6 months, your traffic is going to be very sporadic and inconsistent. It’s likely just going to be a trickle in the beginning. This is normal. It takes awhile for Google to figure out where your site “belongs” in its index.

But over time, as you continue to publish new content, build new links, and deliver positive behavioral signals (decent dwell time, low bounce rates, etc), you’ll start seeing your avg. position in the SERPs creep upward, and your search traffic increase.

To see revenue, you need to first see targeted, in-market traffic coming in from Google on a consistent basis.

At that point, it’s just about making sure that your visitors are actually getting helpful information from your content to help them make a purchase decision (if you’re promoting affiliate offers), or filling out a form (if you’re running lead gen offers). This can take some trial & error.

In general, we like to see revenue becoming consistent towards the 8-12 month mark. By then, you’ll have a good handle on what your existing visitors respond to, which offers are performing, and so on.

As you add more relevant content and build more links, most sites will see their revenue climb alongside their traffic.

We’re happy to help! Just reach out to us any time. Additionally, we run an ongoing mastermind (about 4-5 times a year) for all Strategic Niche SIte customers to tackle any questions, current issues and so on.


Our job is to do everything possible to maximize your odds of success. And over the years, we’ve had a reasonable success rate.

But ultimately, we don’t control what Google does or doesn’t do, and we also can’t control the industry where your site will participate in.

So while we will make every effort to ensure your site stands the highest possible chance of seeing targeted traffic that will convert into commissions, we cannot guarantee any outcome.

As this is a service involving significant time investment both by ourselves and our production team, we are unable to offer refunds.

However, should you no longer want to pursue your site / market as a going concern down the road, we’re happy to provide guidance on where & how to potentially find a buyer for it.

In general it’s best if you can make the full payment upfront.

We can make installment arrangements in some cases, but it can also result in timing delays.

For example, we can’t place backlinks until your site is fully transferred to your hosting. And we can’t transfer your site until we’ve received full payment, etc.

I've known Chris for a very long time, and I've followed his online journey for the last two decades...

I've been a traditional brick & mortar business owner for over 30 years, and I've wanted to build something online for a long time - but nothing ever really stood out as something that just "made sense".

But then I saw Chris' post on FB looking for beta testers for this service and thought to myself - this looks like it was tailor-made for me.

So I reached out, and the rest is history. The process was very deliberate and comprehensive - and it's obvious why they cap the numbers at just 5 projects at a time.

What I can assure you is that this is the real deal, the site that came back - as well as the research & content plan - was world class. I look forward to growing the site, as well as staying engaged in the upcoming mastermind sessions for SNS customers.

I'll see you on the inside!

Last Thing: A Quick Reality Check

Dreamers vs. Doers

I’ve been in the internet marketing space for a long time. 

To put it in perspective, when I started out in 2003, social media literally didn’t exist. Mobile phones were still just phones. And Google wasn’t yet a total monopoly – getting ranked in Yahoo Search & MSN was still a thing.

In other words, I’ve seen a lot of things change. Drastically.

But what I’ve found consistently true across every major phase of the internet’s evolution so far has been the following:

There are very predictable patterns between those who “make it” in this business, and those who don’t…

And at the risk of sounding like an armchair psychologist, I’d say our industry basically breaks down into two types of mindsets:

  • Dreamers: People who get excited by the idea of success. They’re easily enamored with new tactics, loopholes & “secret methods”. And they’re often perfectionists; which bogs down their attempts at actually executing on ideas, since their plan has to be “perfect”.

  • Doers: In contrast to the Dreamers, Doers almost seem dispassionate and surgical. Their focus is more about the nuts n’ bolts of the operation; as if they’re building a deck, or creating a budget.

Now, I wish this was as simple as saying that “Dreamers fail, and Doers succeed”.

The reality is that each of us has the capacity to be a Dreamer and a Doer. And in fact, I’d say that you need to be both in order to be successful in any business.

But in general, what I’ve observed is that you need to be more of a Doer than a Dreamer in terms of how you spend your workday. That is the most reliable indicator for who makes it, and who doesn’t.

In other words, as long as the majority of your week is being a Doer (creating content, testing new offers, growing your traffic, etc) vs. being a Dreamer (exploring new tactics, buying courses, analyzing new niches, etc), then over time, it all works out.

Otherwise, if you’re not careful, months or even years can go by without any real progress or momentum to show for it…

Why am I saying all this?

Well, I’d like to think that this service will increase the odds of your success based on everything I’ve already mentioned (expert niche analysis, content strategy, & execution)…

But I actually think the main reason why our Strategic Niche Site will drastically increase your own odds of success is because it gets you started with something real, and you can hit the ground running: momentum is built-in.

And since that’s 90% of the battle for most people… Whether you’re a total beginner or an old hardened veteran (with no time anymore), this gives you a massive advantage simply because it gets the ball rolling for you.

In short, this makes you a ‘Doer’ from day one…

Ready to Start Building Your Empire, Together?

Here’s How to Get Started:

As you might imagine, for us to do this properly takes a lot of time & energy.

And there’s only so much we can properly outsource without losing quality. In particular, the research & strategy work basically can’t be outsourced at all (for hopefully obvious reasons).

As a result, we can only work on a handful of niche site projects – 5 max – at any given time. For this reason, we can’t just sell this service on-demand. 

Instead, we use a waitlist system where we offer new spots to people as soon as there’s an opening. New spots are offered in chronological order, based on when you get on the list below.

So if you’re interested in partnering with us, please register below ASAP to lock in your spot in the queue…

Lock In Your Spot:

How this works: As soon as enough spots open up, we will contact people on the waitlist based on the order they registered.

You’ll then have 24 hours to arrange payment (we’ll send instructions / options) to lock in your spot and start the process.

In general, we can usually take on a new group of people every 3-4 weeks.

Have a question that isn’t covered here? Just reach out at, any time. Happy to help!

Whether you’re totally new at this – and this feels like jumping into the great unknown…

Or whether you’re an old pro, and you’re just looking for a competent deployment partner… or perhaps you’re somewhere in between…

In any case, I truly hope we get the chance to work together. 

And if nothing else, I hope this page has been instructive as far as how this business model really works, and what to realistically expect as a niche site publisher.



Chris Rempel
Founder, The Lazy Marketer

Results Disclaimer

There are a number of marketing & business growth strategies discussed on this site and inside the products showcased, along with a few examples of results from the author’s past experiences and endeavours. Growing a business, and generating results with marketing isn’t easy – it’s hard!

If it was easy… well, courses like this wouldn’t need to exist. The author has managed to produce impressive results with these strategies, but that’s also the cumulative result of years of determination, luck, perseverance and skill – and not just the specific strategies alone.

Your results will mostly depend on your own business acumen, experience and your business model. And you may not experience any results. Furthermore, the strategies described in this content may involve certain marketing & legal expenses to execute properly. The author strongly recommends that you consult with professionals who can advise you on how best to invest in the growth of your business, and how best to arrange client engagements, if you decide to act on some or all of the author’s suggestions.

I mean, seriously, just use common sense – and before taking action on anything, use this content as one of several sources that may inform any related decisions. To all the lawyers and people who love reading fine print, I hope reading this has been immensely satisfying.

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