We Find Perfect Storms

For Internet Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a lot like surfing.

Success doesn’t belong to the strongest, the fastest, or the hardest working. It belongs to those who understand what the ocean is doing – and how to harness it.



Insiders is an ongoing ‘surf report’ for entrepreneurs & investors. 

We focus on finding asymmetric opportunities – where even the slightest effort can generate massive outcomes.

Looking for more than a bunch of random business ideas?

The fact is, opportunities are everywhere – and you can see a dozen ‘million-dollar ideas’ just by opening the app store on your phone.

But that hardly makes them compelling. Let alone actionable.

Instead, we focus on discovering those rare, 80/20 opportunities where even the smallest actions can generate massive outcomes.

But that means finding special situations that most people either don’t know about, or don’t yet properly understand.

Some examples:

  • Overlooked platforms & marketplaces with tons of traffic
  • Looming regulations that will create universal demand, overnight
  • Entirely new, untapped industries created by macro events (like COVID-19)
  • The emerging shift towards a decentralized internet – where the opportunities are almost violently compelling…

And so on.

Inside the Ultimate Service for Lazy Achievers

Similar to a stock picking service, we maintain a “portfolio” of asymmetric market opportunities, which is updated in real time.

Our coverage falls under 3 main streams:

  1. Market Opportunities: Emerging trends & market gaps that are highly compelling and largely untapped.
  2. Firehose Channels: Drive massive traffic & customer acquisition by tapping into growing, yet overlooked platforms.
  3. Growth Assets: Secure digital assets & virtual real estate that can pay huge marketing dividends for years to come.

Membership will also come with a ton of other benefits. More details to come shortly.

Sound interesting?

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