COVID-19 forced thousands of B2B companies to finally move their sales strategy online – kickstarting a runaway trend, even after the pandemic ended.

This has created a momentary “land rush” situation – as hundreds of formerly ignored niches have just become uber-profitable for the first time. Keep reading to discover how you can…

Drive Outrageous Revenue With Low-Traffic Sites In Hundreds of Newly-Untapped Niches...

Imagine finding a niche where leads sell for $300 – $800+ all day long… and where sites with a mere trickle of traffic are driving 6 figure revenues.

Now imagine finding hundreds of untapped niches like that. Niches that aren’t crawling with aggressive marketers – and where traffic is still a bargain…

Watch the Video Above & Discover:

  • How COVID-19 has changed most B2B industries forever – and why this is such a huge opportunity for marketers…
  • Why this has created a business model where even low-traffic sites and tiny email lists can earn substantial revenue in hundreds of previously ignored niche markets
  • Why hundreds of these newly-viable niches are still untapped, and
  • Why there’s a 3-5 year window to claim your piece of the “B2B land rush”…

The Situation:

Until very recently, traditional B2B industries have still largely been living in the “digital dark ages” when it comes to marketing & sales strategy.

We are talking about billion-dollar companies whose entire sales process amounts to attending a few trade shows each year… because, well, that’s what worked, for decades.

Rolling out a truly digital sales strategy is something that very few B2B firms in the “old world” have actually done – let alone done well.

And then – life as we knew it took a very strange turn. The world shut down, basically overnight.

No more trade shows. No more conferences. No more business travel. No more in-person selling.

For a lot of long-established companies, this meant rapidly figuring out how to move their sales ops online – and finally taking it seriously…

The Setup:

Just as ecommerce adoption was hyper-accelerated as a strategy across the retail landscape during the pandemic – there was a similar rush to go digital across most B2B sectors.

Thousands of companies who’d been intending to “figure out this digital thing” for their sales divisions had no choice but to dive in head-first in 2020. It was do or die.

And just as with ecommerce, the trend is still holding strong, even years after the pandemic “ended”. The companies who saw promising results from digital channels are scaling up.

And everyone else is scrambling to figure it out so they don’t get left behind. 2020 wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was a paradigm shift.

All this has created a phenomenal setup for marketers, right now…

Think about it. For the first time, we have entire industries – industries where the average customer value is usually measured in millions – that are desperate to ramp up digital growth.

They’re chomping at the bit to drive quality leads, fill their sales pipeline, and in general – join the 21st century. And they’ve also got the budget to pay what those leads are actually worth.

Which means that anyone who can build targeted traffic & engaged audiences (of any size) in these industries will be sitting on a goldmine…

The Opportunity in 2024:

Since I first released this report, there’s been two major disruptions in the internet marketing landscape:

  1. Generative AI. The impacts of a post-AI world (where anyone can now basically create infinite content) are already being felt. There are many pros & cons for content site owners, but in the B2B space so far, GenAI simply hasn’t been overused in terms of content strategy. Most content is still human-created because these are industries where you win on traffic quality, not volume.

  2. Google Chaos. In response to a proverbial tsunami of mass-produced, synthetic content, Google has taken drastic measures to stem the tide of AI spam clogging up its SERPs. There’s been a ton of collateral damage so far, with thousands of legitimately helpful content sites being wiped out in the crossfire.

    While I view this as cyclical (and I think Google overshot), it’s also been interesting to see that most of the smaller content sites in B2B niches like this are – so far – completely unscathed.

It’s as if Google isn’t “looking” at these niches, and it’s just business as usual.

For example, here’s the organic traffic graph for a lead-gen site in the ERP niche that I’ve been tracking for several years now…

I think there’s several reasons for this, but here’s what seems to be consistent based on all the different sites & markets we’re tracking…

  • These markets aren’t overrun with affiliates & display ad sites. Google claims this shouldn’t be a factor, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Almost every “competitor” site in these SERPs are directly selling their products/services, or driving sales leads – all things that Google views as most relevant to commercially intent queries.

  • Google seems to be giving “real businesses” a pass. In today’s SERPs, you have to be doing something really bad to trigger a downgrade if you’re an actual business – including a B2B lead generation business. And, lastly…

  • Sites like Reddit & Quora (which Google now favors) have almost no B2B discussions. So this means the SERPs are still chock full of small & medium content sites.

The bottom line is that for driving organic traffic in 2024 & beyond, theses are the kinds of markets where creating niche sites still works like crazy.

And the best part? SEO is optional in these niches. You can still drive uber-targeted traffic from other platforms, regardless of what Google does.

Let’s dig into exactly how to harness this opportunity…

The Lazy Marketer Presents:

Discover Inside: 

  • A business model where even low-traffic sites and tiny email lists can earn substantial revenue
  • How to build a small but targeted audience in certain niches, and then sell B2B leads for $300 – $800+ each (not a typo)
  • How to build your initial audience at no direct cost
  • Hundreds of newly viable niches that are NOT flooded with affiliates or ad scrapers
  • How & where to find hungry advertisers that will eagerly pay top-dollar for quality leads
  • 6+ powerful monetization strategies that, together can drive $5+ revenue per visitor… which means a site reaching just 100 users/day is realistically well over the 6 figure benchmark
  • 3 detailed blueprints to match budgets & bandwidth for everyone from solo founders to SMBs to funded companies looking to run a rollup.
  • And a lot more
Here’s a closer look at each key section…

Inside the Report:

Part 1: The Opportunity

  • Understanding the sudden rush to B2B digitalization (a whole new boring world)
  • Pain points & bottlenecks of the conventional B2B sales process
  • How “B2B Matchmakers” can solve a lot of pain for both sides of the B2B sales process
  • Understanding the current business models in the “matchmaking” space. Strengths, weaknesses and under-served gaps.
  • Why the current situation (post-pandemic) has fueled demand for quality B2B leads – and how best to serve that up to B2B advertisers
  • The anatomy of the ideal matchmaking business model – one that you can launch and drive revenue in a matter of weeks.
  • How to build your initial niche audience at effectively no cost. An audience you can perpetually monetize
  • Understanding the size of this opportunity (it’s huge…)

Part 1 PDF Report (25 Pages) 

Part 1 Video Summary (28 Mins) 

Part 2: The Landscape

  • Getting to know the digital neighborhood…
  • A look at key matchmaking competitors, both broadly and in example niches
  • Uncover the actual revenues, growth performance, audience / traffic metrics, and average revenue per user of the existing competitors / comparables
  • Understand the main drivers that cause one business to earn $5+ RPV, while others are only earning pennies…
  • Dig into the niches that are already proven performers.
  • Speaking of – this section is a goldmine of niche ideas, with hundreds presented on a silver platter

Part 2 PDF Report (28 Pages) 

Part 2 Video Summary (17 Mins) 

Part 3: The Blueprint

  • Discover how to best exploit this opportunity with a detailed strategy blueprint for 3 different scenarios, with corresponding budget ranges / team sizes
  • Each blueprint spells out exactly how to build and grow the business, right from hosting to advanced sales strategy.
  • Lightweight Blueprint: For solopreneurs & small teams, with a budget starting from basically zero to just a few thousand dollars to kick things off…
  • Middleweight Blueprint: For SMB’s with small teams, with a budget starting from $15K+
  • Heavyweight Blueprint: For established brands / funded startups & teams of 7-10+, with a budget starting from $100K+
  • Exit strategies once you’ve built something that’s on a growth trajectory
  • The Hot Seat: What niche would we tackle, right now?

Part 3 PDF Report (46 Pages) 

Part 1 Video Summary (42 Mins) 

Key Questions:

Yes, they do. All day long. And we go through several existing, real-life examples in the report.

But as you’ll discover, there are different “levels” of lead intent, and some companies only want to deal with pre-qualified prospects who are actively solution-shopping.

Those leads will have a high win-rate, which means $300 – $800+ is a bargain compared to the actual avg value of a B2B customer.

But you can also sell less-qualified leads in higher volumes, which obviously won’t command the same premium – but also involve less screening.

As soon as you have any level of visibility or audience reach into these kinds of niches (even if you’re just buying traffic to begin with), all it takes is reaching out to a few Marketing Directors around your target niche to see if their sales teams want your leads.

Spolier alert: Most will be very keen to at least run a test campaign with you for 1-2 months and then re-assess.

And from my experience on the other side of the table, once you start building an audience in the niche, the motivated advertisers will find you anyway.

The niches themselves aren’t “new”, but they ARE newly compelling to marketers for the first time, because there’s now an explosion of new advertising demand (lead gen in particular) in spaces that most publishers, marketers  & affiliates have previously ignored.

So yes, this is a bizarre situation where COVID-19 has “created” hundreds of untapped niches from a lead gen & arbitrage perspective.

But that won’t last long. These niches are going to fill up fast once people start realizing that driving even 50-100 visitors/day in these niches can generate substantial 6-figure revenues…

There’s a number of viable models here – which we cover extensively.

But we focus a lot on email audiences as a core since these are evergreen channels (you can promote gated content, whitepapers, webinars, etc. for a variety of vendors to the same prospects indefinitely).

And also since you can initially build up an email audience with paid traffic – which means you can be selling leads in weeks vs months.

We also discuss how to immediately offset your acquisition costs  – essentially building the most valuable lists in marketing history for “free”…

Yes – and this is covered in depth.

But in a nutshell, most companies will try to keep their CAC (customer acquisition cost) at a maximum of 1/3rd of their net ACV (annual customer value). So you can use reasonable conversion benchmarks for the industry to extrapolate a fair lead value from that general formula.

Get Immediate Access...

Get insider access to the B2B Matchmaking Special Report, and discover hundreds of untapped niches that have just become “marketer friendly”…

Niches where customers are worth millions to advertisers.

And niches where advertisers don’t even blink at paying $300 – $800+ per lead.

All for just $295, one time.

(Given that’s about what a single lead sells for in these niches – I’d say that’s a damn good value…)

Ready to Lose Some Sleep Tonight?

  • B2B Matchmaking: A Special Report
    – Part 1: The Opportunity
    – Part 2: The Landscape
    – Part 3: The Blueprint

  • Hit The Ground Running…
    – No-Holds AMA Session: Join us for a live “ask me anything” session to dive into specific examples, tackle any remaining questions – and more! (This will be recorded and made available in the user dashboard if you can’t attend).

Get lifetime access to everything for just $295, one time.
Considering that’s less than what advertisers pay for a decent lead in these niches – that’s a bargain. And this introductory pricing won’t last long…


Catching the Right Wave Can Change Everything...

If they’re honest (and if they’ve had enough to drink), most successful people will admit that while hard work & persistence are certainly a factor in their story…

…usually there was a pivotal moment that acted as a catalyst, forever changing their trajectory – setting everything else into motion.

Maybe it was building hundreds of AdSense scraper sites back in the early 2000’s.

Maybe it was being one of the first app developers on Shopify.

Maybe it was buying $500 worth of Bitcoin on a whim back in 2011 (now worth $83M).

Years ago, my “moment” was a random marketing experiment. I created a really basic shareware tool that promoted a related product, and uploaded it to Download.com, which took all of 20 minutes.

I completely forgot about it until weeks later, when my web host notified me about hitting my traffic limits. Curious, I logged into my affiliate dashboard… and my jaw dropped.

That stupid, 20-minute experiment ended up driving millions of downloads, and generated about $80K in affiliate revenue over the weeks to follow. This was the catalyst, and I doubled-down on the strategy… ultimately earning millions over the next few years as a result.

This then provided the foundation for going on to build real brands & businesses for nearly two decades now.

But I often wonder… what if I didn’t run that 20-minute experiment? What if I didn’t catch that initial wave?

Who knows.

What I do know is that my story isn’t the exception. Almost everyone I’ve met who’s “made it big” with something has had a similar catalyst or key decision that forever changed their trajectory.

For some – like me – it was basically random. But for others it was intentional; a calculated risk that paid off in spades.

As an entrepreneur, catching the right wave – even just once – can change everything. But you need to know where the waves are gonna be… and where to be positioned.

And that’s exactly what this Special Report lays out in detail.

The fact is, the pandemic was a major, once-in-a-century event that has sent shockwaves across every industry on the planet. In many cases, this has caused significant damage to entire sectors of the economy. (Just think of the tens of thousands of restaurants that had to close for good).

But in certain areas, these same shockwaves have coalesced in just the right way… forming an epic wave of opportunity. 

But only for those who see it coming, and who can get into position, right now.

In this case, the pandemic has forced even the most resistant B2B companies to embrace digital as a sales strategy in record numbers. Even if some companies had the cash to wait out the pandemic itself, the fact is they still have hungry competitors who are now doubling-down on digital.

So they have no choice. 

The demand is steadily rising, and it won’t slow down anytime soon. Like a tsunami, this is a wall of marketing dollars – and it’s headed squarely at anyone who has quality, targeted leads to sell into those markets.

And there’s no reason this can’t be your wave to catch…

I hope to see you on the inside 😉


Chris Rempel
Founder, The Lazy Marketer

Ready to Lose Some Sleep Tonight?

  • B2B Matchmaking: A Special Report
    – Part 1: The Opportunity
    – Part 2: The Landscape
    – Part 3: The Blueprint

  • Hit The Ground Running…
    – No-Holds AMA Session: Join us for a live “ask me anything” session to dive into specific examples, tackle any remaining questions – and more! (This will be recorded and made available in the user dashboard if you can’t attend).

Get lifetime access to everything for just $295, one time.
Considering that’s less than what advertisers pay for a decent lead in these niches – that’s a bargain. And this introductory pricing won’t last long…


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