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For Internet Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a lot like surfing.

Success doesn’t belong to the strongest, the fastest, or the hardest working. It belongs to those who understand what the ocean is doing – and how to harness it.



Insiders is an ongoing ‘surf report’ for entrepreneurs & investors. 

We focus on finding asymmetric opportunities – where even the slightest effort can generate massive outcomes.


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Similar to a stock picking service, we maintain a “portfolio” of asymmetric market opportunities, which is updated in real time.

Our coverage falls under 3 main streams:

  1. Market Opportunities: Emerging trends & market gaps that are highly compelling and largely untapped.
  2. Firehose Channels: Drive massive traffic & customer acquisition by tapping into growing, yet overlooked platforms.
  3. Growth Assets: Secure digital assets & virtual real estate that can pay huge marketing dividends for years to come.

Let’s take a quick tour of each portfolio…

Looking for more than a bunch of random business ideas?

The fact is, opportunities are everywhere – and you can see a dozen ‘million-dollar ideas’ just by opening the app store on your phone.

But that hardly makes them compelling. Let alone actionable.

Instead, we focus on discovering those rare, 80/20 opportunities where simply setting up shop can capture huge waves of customers who are avidly looking for a (missing) solution.

But that means finding special situations that most people either don’t know about, or don’t yet properly understand. Such as:

  • Looming regulations that will create universal demand, overnight
  • Entirely new, untapped industries created by macro events (like COVID-19)
  • Bringing otherwise basic digital efficiencies to overlooked industries

Some of our recent discoveries include:

  • A rapidly-growing, $2B+ digital commodity that still has no dedicated marketplace.
  • An emerging super-trend in a $160B+ industry that nobody is properly building an audience around (massive opportunity).
  • A basic bolt-on service in the DTC space that drives insane, predictable results – that almost nobody is offering, or using.
  • And a lot more…

We aim to add at least 1-3 new Market Opportunities like these every month, if they meet our baseline 80/20 criteria. 

We also create a 4-7 page deep-dive brief on each new Opportunity added.

Within 15 mins I found something that fits perfectly with a current project. The opportunity reports are solid, straight to the point with actionable steps. I got instant clarity on where to focus. Overall, a great resource and community to stay up-to-date not only with tech, but also drastic market changes.

Q: What’s the secret to acquiring thousands of new customers with zero ad spend?

A: Create something useful that a platform with millions of customers can distribute…

Believe it or not, some of the most successful internet companies don’t even bother with advertising on Google or Facebook.

Instead, they just wake up to hundreds (or even thousands) of new installs, signups & leads every morning – all thanks to their symbiotic relationship with one or two key platforms / marketplaces.

But there’s a catch: You have to get embedded with platforms like this before they become saturated, and basically inherit their growth for years.

That’s why we constantly search for emerging or overlooked marketplaces, platforms & partner programs that offer huge reach… but still with a small catalog of partners.

Some recent discoveries include:

  • A platform with 4.5 Million SMB users and just 300 partner apps. (For context, Shopify has just 1.5M SMB users, but over 6,000 apps)
  • A private database of over 50K+ recently failed apps & projects – where you might be able to acquire a sizeable customer base for dirt cheap
  • A B2B marketplace for partnering with 60K+ agencies… giving you massive reach downstream to their clients.
  • A “dating platform” that brings B2C & DTC brands together for co-marketing & mutual listbuilding campaigns (powerful!)
  • And a lot more
We aim to add at least one new Firehose Channel to the portfolio database every month, if it meets our criteria around reach & low saturation.
The Lazy Marketer has done it again! I've been following Chris & the team for years, and if there's one thing you can count on - it's a truly unique take on emerging industries, hidden opportunities, and outside the box angles for driving growth. This one knocks it out of the park and it's just getting started!

What if you could own & monetize a subcategory of the next ‘Netflix’? 

And what if you could get in early enough that your initial purchase was something nominal (like $100 – $1,000)?

Well for one thing – it would be like buying up NYC real estate… in the early 1800’s.

This isn’t just fanciful daydreaming. Thanks to the rapid rise of decentralized, blockchain-based virtual worlds, social networks & entertainment platforms, for the first time in the internet’s history – this is actually possible.

Some of the most valuable digital real estate & advertising inventory in 2-3 years time is currently being sold for pennies.

Yes, this is very speculative. 

And many of these projects will go to zero. But, having literally any amount of ownership in the few projects that make it… well, it’s actually hard to overstate how valuable some of those assets will become.

And for brands who understand the marketing power of being integrated with platforms, experiences & game-worlds that go on reach millions of users every day – the opportunity to secure lifetime exposure for a tiny, one-time purchase is unprecedented.

This is why our recommended strategy is to take measured, sensible bets on several promising projects – where you only need one to really gain traction to secure a phenomenal overall marketing ROI.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Discover the currently most-promising decentralized game world (with major household brand partners already onboard) that’s still selling the last of its land parcels at a bargain. We think it will eventually reach Roblox-level adoption.
  • Discover how to create marketable assets that work across various digital worlds to tap into insane levels of brand exposure as certain worlds grow in popularity.
  • Discover how to buy & build geo-anchored AR experiences on real-world hotspots like Times Square – in advance of Apple’s inevitable release of their smart glasses. (Massive opportunity).
  • Discover an alternative + rapidly growing internet protocol (similar to TOR) – where you can create your own TLD’s and generate recurring revenue selling domains just like Godaddy… for as little as $50! (Some TLD holders are already earning 6 figures passively).
  • Discover an entirely new way to buy targeted traffic – permanently – by owning specific ad spaces on growing 3rd-party websites. You can either drive traffic to your own offers, rent the space to other advertisers – or even resell the space itself down the road.
  • And much, much more.
This is a nascent and very fast-moving space. New virtual worlds & metaverse projects are popping up almost weekly, and as such we cover basically all of them across our Select & Watchlist Portfolios.
We’ll be adding at least 1-3 new Growth Assets each month. We also create a 4-7 page deep-dive brief on each new Asset added to the Select Portfolio.
As someone who’s just getting into Web3, this was timely. I'm impressed by the detailed analyses on potentially high growth projects. It’s no doubt this is speculative - riches can be made AND lost overnight. But I feel lucky to be an Insider, and it’s now my starting point for brainstorming both new investment and online business opportunities on the blockchain.

What’s even better than discovering huge, untapped opportunities?

Meeting other, like-minded people who “get it”.

Our private group for Insiders is a place to talk strategy, share your own discoveries, and get to know some fascinating people who love being an active participant in the emerging technologies & forces that are re-shaping the world.

It’s a wild feeling to be on the precipice of something huge.

With the Insiders Mastermind, you don’t have to venture out into the frontier alone…

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We aim to add briefs for 1-3 new Market Opportunities, 1-3 new Growth Assets and at least one new Firehose Channel each month – assuming they meet our 80/20 criteria.

If only there was some ‘all-powerful software’ for finding huge opportunities! It isn’t glamorous, but the majority of our research process amounts to scouring through places like Twitter, Reddit, Discord – and then just talking to people with deep domain knowledge to validate concepts / ideas in areas that look promising.

But if you find a tool that can do all that, please let us know 😉

For the Market Opportunities & Growth Assets, here’s how each Opportunity Brief is constructed…

– Topic / Item
– What Is It?
– The Opportunity
– Why Now?
– Actionable Strategies
– Key Risks
– Conclusion
– Further Reading (Sources, etc)

Each discovery in the Firehose Channels portfolio is summarized with a few sentences in the database, but these are generally quite self-explanatory, and are meant to be discussed as we provide running monthly recaps, as well as in the private mastermind group.

We revisit scores / ratings across all three portfolios every 2 weeks, making updates as warranted.

No. Given the very exclusive nature of our content – and to preserve that exclusivity for our paying members – there is no trial period. However, you can cancel at any time and enjoy full access to Insiders until the end of your billing cycle.

No, this violates our Terms of Service. However, you’re welcome to invite people to sign up as well.

Our Special Reports are a comprehensive deep-dive into an emerging niche or opportunity that take several weeks of research & writing to produce. Similarly, our Masterclass Series offer world-class training & upskilling for marketing professionals.

Both are offered separately and not included in Insiders. However, any time we release a new special report / course, Insiders members always have a chance to get in early – and at much lower price – before it’s released publicly.

Web3 moves at warp speed, and it can be hard to find the signal in all the noise. Chris & team are doing an absolutely incredible job identifying, articulating, and cataloguing that signal. In particular the Growth Assets briefs are eye-opening...

A Final Thought: You Only Need One...

If they’re honest, most successful people will admit that while hard work & persistence are certainly a factor in their story…

…usually there was a pivotal moment that acted as a catalyst, forever changing their trajectory – setting everything else into motion.

Maybe it was building hundreds of AdSense sites back in the early 2000’s.

Maybe it was being one of the first app developers on Shopify.

Maybe it was buying $500 worth of Bitcoin on a whim back in 2011 (now worth $83M).

Years ago, my “moment” was a random marketing experiment. I created a really basic shareware tool that promoted a related product, and uploaded it to Download.com, which took all of 20 minutes.

I completely forgot about it until weeks later, when my web host notified me about hitting my traffic limits. Curious, I logged into my affiliate dashboard… and my jaw dropped.

That stupid, 20-minute experiment ended up driving millions of downloads, and generated about $80K in affiliate revenue over the weeks to follow. This was the catalyst, and I doubled-down on the strategy… ultimately earning millions over the next few years as a result.

This then provided the foundation for going on to build real brands & businesses for nearly two decades now.

But I often wonder… what if I didn’t run that 20-minute experiment? What if I didn’t catch that initial wave?

Who knows.

What I do know is that my story isn’t the exception. Almost everyone I’ve met who’s “made it big” with something has had a similar catalyst or key decision that forever changed their trajectory.

For some – like me – it was basically random. But for others it was intentional; a calculated risk that paid off in spades.

As an entrepreneur, catching the right wave – even just once – can change everything. But you need to know where the waves are gonna be… and where to be positioned.

And that’s exactly what Insiders serves up…

Let us find you perfect storms on an ongoing basis – and show you where to get positioned, before the big waves start rolling.

I hope to see you on the inside 😉


Chris Rempel
Founder, The Lazy Marketer

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If you want to become an Insider, now is definitely the time… 

Join before Friday, April 8th at 11:59PM PT and you’ll lock in pricing at nearly half the public rate (for as long as you want to keep your membership).


Ready to Find Your Perfect Storm?

  • Ongoing Monthly Analysis
    – Market Opportunities (1-3 /mo)
    – Firehose Channels (1+ /mo)
    – Growth Assets (1-3 /mo)
    – Monthly Recap & Commentary

  • Private Mastermind
    – Hit the ground running by getting strategic support whenever you need it & making key connections in our private mastermind. (Exclusive to Insiders)

Lock in pricing as a Founder member for just $25/mth! Billed annually. 

Discover massive, untapped opportunities each month for the cost of a cheap T-shirt.

Important: If you wait until after Apr 8th, regular pricing will be $42/mo (billed annually).


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