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  • Buy Pieces of Websites: What if you could buy premium ad space on 3rd party websites that you fully own? Just like buying a condo in a 3rd party building, this nascent business model means you can monetize these spaces however you like: Sell ads, run your own traffic, or even resell the space to another investor.
  • An Emerging, Yet Ignored Supertrend in a $160B Industry: Discover a disruptive trend emerging out of an industry that’s larger than Hollywood… where nobody is properly building an audience around it. Yet.
  • Metaverse as a Marketing Channel: Discover where you can create digital experiences that can reach millions of users. Build alongside massive brands like Adidas, Ubisoft & Warner Music – and where buying “land” is actually a permanent, organic marketing channel.

And we’re just scratching the surface…

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