Breakthrough Analysis:

Web3 is Creating Insane Opportunities for Marketers

And Nobody's Even Talking About It...

Every day there’s another headline about some stupid pet-themed cryptocurrency, or an 8-figure purchase of bizarre “digital art”. 

It’s sensational and weird. So the mainstream media eats it up. 

But what’s getting lost amidst the circus is what’s really happening, behind the scenes…

And this is the biggest, wildest opportunity for internet entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen…

Decentralization is changing the physics of the internet, forever.

And it’s more than just a buzzword. Here’s what this actually means, in plain English…

Entirely New Business Models

Here’s just a few examples of what Web3 makes possible:

  • What if your social audiences were permanent... and easily portable between platforms, devices and apps?
  • What if you could offer users “equity” in your project seamlessly & automatically in one click? (Thereby launching the world’s most effective affiliate program).
  • What if you could own virtual real estate inside game-worlds, navigation apps, and AR experiences that thousands or even millions of people could interact with every day? (This is like owning a sub-category on Netflix…)

We’re barely even scratching the surface.

The point is – the opportunities for marketers as the internet increasingly moves on-chain aren’t just compelling… they’re extreme. 

And it’s still very early innings.

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